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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 2 "Breaking The Rules" Spoilers From Fan Site

Check out these spoilers for the season 5 episode 2 "Breaking The Rules” of Private Practice!

These spoilers have been taken from a fan site. Not all of these spoilers have been confirmed so keep in mind, they might just be rumors.

  • Addison (Kate Walsh), Sam (Taye Diggs), and Jake (Benjamin Bratt) are interviewing Caleb, Elliot, Irv, Kara, and Miranda for a job position at the practice. Caleb mentions he did his residence in endocrinology in four years. The others don’t mention their field. Elliot tells them he is surprised to find them still open because of all the bad press with the medical board. The interviews don’t go well because they are all terrible. Addison, Sam, and Jake are left frustrated.
  • Lily’s (8 yrs old) leukemia is back. She will need cord blood transfusion. Robert and Erin’s son, Kip (who died in a car accident when he was four), is a match. They kept his cord blood in case their other son, Matt (a teenager now) ever needed it. They refuse to let Lily have the cord blood because they don’t want to risk their son’s life. Robert storms into Charlotte’s office asking how they could do this to them. Charlotte asks him who he is. Robert says his name is Robert Weston and the hospital used his son’s cord blood without consent. Charlotte says she has his consent and shows him a copy of the form. Robert tells her that is not his signature. Charlotte figures it out and tells him there has been a misunderstanding. Robert tells her he told Cooper that he couldn’t use Kip’s cord blood, but after he left his house he was concerned. So, he called the hospital and they told him it had been used on a patient. He tells Charlotte the blood was not theirs to take. Charlotte tells him that needs to believe her that she will deal with this and Cooper. Robert says so will his lawyers and storms out.

Source: Private Practice Fan Site