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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 1 "God Laughs" Spoilers From Fan Site

Check out these spoilers for the season 5 premiere "God Laughs" of Private Practice!

These spoilers have been taken from a fan site. Not all of these spoilers have been confirmed so keep in mind, they might just be rumors.

  • Amelia is drunk and dancing on the bar. The men are loving it and the women are not. Hot Guy tells her to take it off. Amelia tells him she will need another drink for that. She takes Hot Guy’s drink and starts dancing into Hot Girl’s space. Hot Girl calls her a bitch and tells her to get off the bar. Amelia says there is no need for name calling. Hot Girl intentionally spills her drink on Amelia’s feet.
  • Addison is talking to her therapist. She tells her therapist that things are good, better than good. The therapist asks her if she is talking about home or work. Addison says that everything is getting back to normal at work. Therapist asks her how things are on a personal front that the last time she was talking about her relationship with Sam. Addison says they have decided to move in together. The therapist seems shocked and tries to cover his opinion. He asks her if she is excited about that. Addison says she thinks it will be a fresh start. The therapist asks her if she thinks she needs a fresh start. Addison says “doesn’t everyone?” The therapist tells her that depends on what you’re starting over from. Addison thinks about that.
  • Joanna and David are sitting in the first class lounge at LAX amongst other disgruntle passengers. David tells Joanna that they made the right decision to go home. Joanna is unsure. David tells her that you don’t just throw away a 15 year marriage over one fight. Violet comes to Joanna and tells her not to get on the plane. Violet tells her she knows what it is like to be in a complicated marriage, but burying her concerns won’t change the fact that he hit her (Joanna). Violet says somethings can’t be forgiven. Violet gives Joanna her card and tells Joanna she can talk to her.
  • The concierge approaches Violet with a cell phone. She asks her if she is Violet Turner. Violet says “yes”. Concierge tells her she has an emergency call from Doctor (not sure who the doctor is). Violet is worried and takes the phone.

Source: Private Practice Fan Site