'Private Practice' Season 5: Benjamin Bratt's Character Revealed

'Private Practice' Season 5: Benjamin Bratt's Character Revealed

Check out these spoilers to find out more about who Benjamin Bratt will be playing in Private Practice season 5!

Executive producer, Shonda Rhimes told TVLine that

“When we wrote that [the season 4 finale], there was no particular plan, so a lot of it was me keeping options open – we don’t know anything about him, and that’s kind of exciting.”

Well, that's not the case anymore. The mystery man played by Benjamin Bratt has finally got a name and it's Jake Reilly.

So what does Addison (Kate Walsh) want more than anything in the world? A baby! Yes you guessed it, Reilly to the rescue! No, he won't be the baby daddy, they did just meet. So it turns out, he's a fertility doctor. Bratt tells TVGuide,

"And not just a fertility doctor, but someone who is quite accomplished and up to speed with cutting-edge technology and procedures."

He adds,

"So not only is there this underlying natural physical attraction that they have for one another, but he is a specialist in something that may be of a specific interest to her. She is a woman dying to get pregnant and with a man who’s not interested in getting her pregnant, and she’s met someone that she’s attracted to, who can very much – in different ways – get her pregnant. You can imagine the complications.”

During the last season's finale, Addison met Jake but they didn't exchange names, or any personal details to each other. So how's the first meeting between Addison and Jake going to be? Walsh says,

"She's a little freaked-out and shocked. Awkward, awkward, awkward. But also, it's totally intriguing for many reasons. It's something that she, no pun intended, thought that she put to bed and he's back. It just so happens he's got something that she really wants."

Bratt adds,

"As their relationship evolves over the season, it'll be complicated in a good way, because what we've already discovered about them is that there's a very strong, undeniable physical attraction. With her renewed commitment to Sam, and revealing who he is and what he does, and how that brings him into their sphere, things have to be kept secret."

Bratt says what will be funny to watch is when both Sam and Jake realize that they have a woman in common after they actually hit it off when they first meet.

Now the question is, how do two two highly respected professionals in the field of gynecology not be aware of each other’s work? Bratt explains,

“She certainly is aware of his reputation, but when she met this mystery man, she had no idea that he was in fact that Jake Reilly.”

Here's an interview with Benjamin Bratt about his character on Private Practice:

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