Private Practice Season 4 Spoilers: Guest Stars Castings

Private Practice Season 4 Spoilers: Guest Stars Castings

Here are some spoilers on two guest stars who have been cast for this season of Private Practice! Check out the spoilers for details on what roles these actors (or actresses) will be playing and what we know about them so far!

Actor James Remar has been cast to play Gibby, a physician and an old friend of Pete (Tim Daly). "He's a bad boy doctor who worked with Doctors Without Borders with Pete in the past—and we have history, obviously. My character is a doctor who likes working for people that don't have any money, and he gives his services for nothing, but some of his patients may be questionable." says the actor in a recent interview. Rumors are that this could possibly end up being a recurring role.

The second guest star is actor French Stewart who has been cast as a man named Kevin. He will appear in this season's premiere as a man willing to donate a kidney to his estranged brother, but may not be fit to do so because of his mental state.


Source: Theater Mania and E!Online