Private Practice Season 4 Spoilers: Crossover with Grey's Anatomy

Private Practice Season 4 Spoilers: Crossover with Grey's Anatomy

Don't we all love the Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy crossover events. Keep reading for some spoilers about the next crossover between Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. The crossover will take place during Grey's Anatomy's third episode of season 7.

Amelia (Caterina Scorson), Derek's sister, visits Seattle Grace Hospital to see Derek. Derek hasn't been returning Amelia's phone calls after she heard that her brother got shot.

Here's a quote from executive producer Shonda Rhimes about this crossover event:

“Amelia goes to visit Derek in the third episode of Grey’s. Derek got shot and he hasn’t been returning her phone calls. He’s never returned her phone calls. And what I love about the episode is that it really illuminates Derek. Remember: Derek’s father was shot when they were kids—something that both Amelia and Derek witnessed. And for both of them, Derek’s shooting brings up all of these memories of that. And you also get to see the two Shepherd neurosurgeons operating together, which I think is kind of badass.”

Thoughts? How do you think the reunion between these two siblings is going to be?

Source: Ausiello