Private Practice Season 4 Episode 7 “Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King?” How The Attack Affects Everyone

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November 5, 2010

Check out more spoilers on how the attack will affect the rest of the characters on Private Practice!

The dynamic between Charlotte and Cooper will be different than anything you’ve ever seen. There’s a push and pull factor in a sense that Charlotte will push him away because “it’s very difficult for her to let him feel her feel pain.” explains Strickland. But then you see Charlotte leaning into Cooper “in a way that I don’t think the audience has ever really seen and I love that this happens here.” adds Strickland.

Every relationship is affected so it’s not just Charlotte’s with Addison, Charlotte’s with Pete, Charlotte’s with Cooper, every relationship is affected in their own context. Naomi comes back having missed all of this so you can imagine what this horrible news does to her.

So Addison is basically the person Charlotte confides in. When someone tells you something like this, and you’re asked not to share it with anyone, it will absolutely destroy them internally. “Imagine the comfort that Addison is seeking from the person she loves (Sam), the need for that because of this horrendous thing that has been shared with just her. You have not only the confidentiality that is by law there, you also have the confidentiality of woman to woman.” explains Strickland. So you’re definitely going to see Addison struggling with that and you’re going to see how Sam plays a huge part in helping her resolve that.

On a side note, Nicholas Brendon who plays the character of Lee McHenry, the rapist, will be back. You will find out more about him in the episodes to come. I think it’ll be interesting to see what backstory his character has.

What do you think about all this? Make sure you tune in tonight!

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