Private Practice Season 4 More About Nicholas Brendon’s Role And The Attack

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October 23, 2010

All we know so far about Nicholas Brendon’s Private Practice role is that he’s going to sexually assault KaDee Stickland’s character Charlotte King. Keep reading for more spoilers on Brendon’s character on Private Practice and the attack.

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes explains that Brendon will appear in three episodes and will play the mentally ill patient who rapes Charlotte (KaDee Strickland). Rhimes describes the attack as being “random”. He comes into the clinic and “immediately there’s [the suggestion] of some mental illness going on there,” she explains. “Charlotte tells him to wait his turn, and the next thing you know, he’s attacking her.”

As for Charlotte and Cooper, Charlotte will initially push him away but ultimately the attack with bring them closer to each other. “The interesting bond that springs up is between Charlotte and Amelia. They were both addicts, and there’s an interesting [connection] that forms there.” reveals Rhimes.

I’m excited to watch this episode to see how it will affect everyone on the show! What do you think about Charlotte and Amelia bonding together after the attack? Thoughts?

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  • Pena-78

    I thought for a second that “Amelia” was brought on board because someone was going to be killed off..

    When I saw the end of this episode, obviously, I thought it was Charlotte.. The end of this episode lasted 30 seconds and I think I truly felt more about it than any other episode of this series I’ve seen..WOW..

    I love Charlotte, she’s such a great addition to an awesome cast! By the way, WHERE IS NAOMI???????????????????

    I think a bond for Amelia and Charlotte (two characters known for not being especially caring or emotional) would be interesting to see.. I’m glad I didn’t give up on this show and I’m pretty sure I say that every season!


    I can’t even believe that this situation is happening to Charlotte. This is a major exciting yet upsetting twist. PP is been a great show and is over shadowing Grey’s in my eyes. The fact that Amelia and Charlotte are going to become closer from this is amazing and so needed. Like someone said they are the less emotional in the practice and this is an amazing turn of events. I feel horrible for Cooper to have to see her go through this too and how that this will show Charlotte that they should start a family that life is too short.

  • Layan

    I get what you mean about being exciting yet very upsetting! i mean i love this dark twist that they’re gna spring on everyone! and agreed, Amelia + Charlotte is gna be amazing and definitely needed!! i can’t wait but i have to admit, it’s gna be SOOO HARD to watch!

  • Layan

    amelia’s character was brought on as a guest starring role but fans loved her, she’s such an amazing addition to the show so they decided to bring her as a recurring role.. and if ur talking bout the person who was gna get killed it was probably dell last season..
    n yes where is naomi!! she’s had so much on her plate this season we barely see her which kinda sucks! but she will be in next week’s episode for sure!
    yes never give up on private practice! it’s such an awesome show!! :D

  • Scgirl

    I would think the opposite.. if someone is raped, they are probably going to be leery of sexual intimacy for a while, and might even fear bringing a child into a brutal world like that.. so im thinkin the kids thing isn’t going to happen anytime soon..