Private Practice Season 4 Meet The In-Laws

Private Practice Season 4 Meet The In-Laws

We all know that Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) and Cooper (Paul Adelstein) are going to get married before this season ends. Keep reading to find out who has been cast as Cooper and Charlotte's parents.

This special wedding episode is going to air May 5.

"We'll be meeting the in-laws for the first time,"

teases KaDee Strickland.

Cast as the Cooper's parents are John Rothman and Cristine Rose. Rose was last seen as Angela Petrelli on Heroes.

As for Charlotte, we know that her father, Big Daddy, is deseased which leaves us only her mother Augusta, and will be played by Tess Harper (Tender Mercies, Silkwood).

When Strickland was asked to give us a little sneak peek as to how this little "meet the in-laws" gathering was going to happen, she says "

There's a scene where we all meet for the first time, and it was so awkward — in a good way. We were all feeling real dirty by the end of it."

Source: TVGuide