Private Practice Season 4 Family Reunions Update…

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November 3, 2010

Keep reading for some spoilers on when some of Pete and Addison’s family will be visiting them!

We know that Pete’s brother (Kyle Secor) will be visiting Pete to find a way to get their sick mother (Louise Fletcher) from out of jail during episode 9 of this season. As for Addison’s mom, Bizzy (JoBeth Williams), she will reprise her role for four episodes starting at the end of episode 10. Also, Bizzy’s life partner, Susan (Ann Cusack), will reprise her role for a four-episodes arch.

Why do you think Bizzy and Susan will back? Comment away!

Source: Fancast

  • Janna

    I think Addison’s mother and her partner come around (the show) because they want to get married and want Addison to be part of it? Or because one of them is sick. Idk, we will have to wait and watch.