Private Practice Season 4 Family Relations…

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November 1, 2010

During this season, two main characters will be receiving visits from family! Keep reading to find out which two main characters will reunite with their family. Make sure you tune in every Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

First off, Pete (Tim Daly) will be getting a visit from his brother (Kyle Secor) and his mother (Louise Fletcher). After last week’s episode, we find out a bit about Pete’s family history and why his mother has been in jail. Pete’s brother will appear in episode 9 of this season with a plan to get their mother out of jail. What do you think this family reunion will be like?

The second character who’ll get a visit from family is Addison (Kate Walsh). Addison’s mother, Bizzy (JoBeth Williams) will be back for four episodes, who will be joined with Bizzy’s life partner Susan (Ann Cusack). Not really sure on when these two will make an appearance but i’ll keep you updated on that. The last time Bizzy visited, it didn’t go too well at first…

Other guest starring spoilers, Gaby Hoffman (Sleepless in Seattle) will guest star as a girl who has been in and out of Oceanside Wellness Center for years with multiple pregnancies.

How do you think these family reunions will go?

Source: TVGuide