Private Practice Season 4 Episode 7 “Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King?” Trailer and Sneak Peek

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October 29, 2010

It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for, the darkest story yet! Check out a spoiler trailer and sneak peek for next thursday’s episode “Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King” of Private Practice. Make sure you tune in every Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

Trailer #1:

Sneak Peek #1:

Next week’s episode is going to be a tear-jerker! Thoughts?

  • Delosmuertos62

    Wow I love charlotte she is a hard ass, but its sick…. whats going to happen who is it that did this to her? why did she get that key in lock that thing? then put the key in a pot… it look like on the floor there was a condom maybe she ask the ass hole to wear it…

  • Adscub

    I think that it was her underwear or something that she locked in the drawer incase the psycho came back looking to cover up stuff and she hid the key so they wouldnt find it. It was smart thinking on her part, especially after what had just happened!

  • Delosmuertos62

    I think she had her unddies in her hand but it looked like a condom om the ground…. its going to be so good , I know she was raped and he look like he broke her nose and her arm…

  • AsZJ

    Ah! It was that guy that was freaking out in the hallway when Charlotte and Cooper were making up! The scary thing is there are a lot of psychos like that out there and do that to women. They should all be castrated.

  • RMM

    I didn’t see a condom, but the first thing you saw I think was her broken fingernail. It looked like she had a booklet or a wallet in her hand when she got up though which went in the drawer also. I’m guessing it’s to hide the fact she got raped.

  • Amb2kool

    im almost afraid to watch it next thursday

  • Lala

    it was her broken finger nail…i think she put the man’s ID in the drawer and hid it. I agree it seems like the guy from the waiting room in this last episode, but maybe since she hid the wallet, she knew him??

  • l.e.

    the thing on the floor was a broken piece of something that he cut her with I think

  • cheryl

    i feel sick just watching at the sneak peek…

  • Guest

    She hid her own wallet and underwear in the draw. Possibly to hide the fact that she was raped and then pretend that it was a robery and that the guy took her wallet..

  • RikkieB

    i love charlotte so much, it makes me sick watching the sneek peak, but my bet is that seeming her and cooper were talking about babies, she will fall pregnant to the rapist… i hope not but i think thats the way it looks… im pretty sure it was her wallet or a booklet of some sort but possible her underwear, and at the start is was broken glass with blood on it, not a condom, i cant wait for the episode on thursday but am also dreeding it

  • Princessblueyez78

    I also think it was the guy from the waiting room but i think the guy in the waiting room was the guy who had sex with his comatose wife

  • Anonymous

    @Delosmuertos62: my guess is she’s hiding as much things about him to find out who raped her.
    @RMM yaa i saw the broken fingernail first..
    @Amb2kool i have no idea how i’m going to watch this week’s episode!
    @Lala i don’t think she knew him, but she recognized him from the waiting room! he was the guy that wasn’t very patient when he was told to wait for his turn.. but i dont think she knew him.
    @l.e. we’ll have to wait and see next thursday! @cheryl it made me sick to my stomach just writing these spoilers! not sure how im going to watch this!
    @Guest i don’t think she can hide the fact that she was raped! we’ll have to wait and see what she hid and why!
    @RikkieB that was the first thing that popped in my head when charlotte and cooper kept talking about having babies and then i heard about what’s going to happen to charlotte n i thought to myself, she better not get pregnant from the rapist! that’ll just be horrible!!
    @Princessblueyez78 no the guy in the waiting room IS the guy who raped her. I wrote something in previous spoilers about how the guy who rapes her will be a deranged patient who has been waiting impatiently in the waiting room
    Thanks everyone for commenting! make sure you tune in this thursday!! it’s going to be a hard episode to watch!!

  • BuJa

    i think she has hidden her underwear, so they wouldn’t see she was raped.

  • buJa

    i think we all can’t wait to watch this week’s episode..!

  • nbhall

    i think she took a rape kit or something and hid the evidence in her locked drawer so he couldn’t come back and get rid of the evidence. i surely hope that she wouldn’t get pregnant after being raped…that would upset me and i would be truly disappointed in the writers!

  • missB

    the guy in the waiting room is the guy with the comatose wife…and the rapist???

    ooo can’t wait

  • Junior

    Totally sick! I am not sure I can watch. What the hell are the writers thinking? First off Charlot is not a victim how could you do that to her character, and second of all how much bad shit could happen to a small group of people in such a small time frame. I think I officially tune out. I am almost out raged.

  • Just Fan of PP

    hmm can wait too see the next episode, its interesting that she hide her underwear, i think becouse of cooper, and am DAMN sure that shes gona be pregnent after all off this, but its not gona be coopers baby:(((( u`ll see guys… greets from switzerland

  • anonymous

    what r u talking about? grow a pair of balls and learn how to watch a hospital drama u loser. It’s just a show.

  • Anonymous

    I added another sneak peek, so check it out and comment! some of your questions and guessed will be answered so make sure you check it out! thanks for commenting :D

  • Guest

    I think she is already pregnant (with Coopers baby) that is why Addison was there with that look on her face. I think she hid things that can be used as evidence or with DNA on it…

  • concerned

    i think this is good for victims to see it can happen to anyone. its not their fault

  • Sasantos

    you are an idiot, that is what is making a great show, this story line is the best and will be great to see a strong controlled women react and cope with this. and she is hidding the fact she was rape. Interesting to see Coopers reaction..