What Did You Think About Tonight's Episode?

This isn't a usual spoiler post, but since tonight's episode was so huge I thought that Private Practice fans on here would like to share opinions on tonight's episode. So comment on what did you think of "Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King?" episode and keep coming back to check what other fans thought about it!

  • Amelia and Charlotte character development - like where that's headed?
  • Cooper being left in the dark - good or bad idea?
  • How good was KaDee Strickland's performance in this episode, wasn't she unbelievably great?
  • Did you like how Addison handled what Charlotte told her?
  • What did you like or hate about this episode?
  • Did you find it hard to watch?
  • Thoughts on what's going to happen next?

Comment away! And make sure you stay tuned for promo trailer and other spoilers we'll be posting very soon!

(guide and photos already on season 4 episode 8 “What Happens Next” spoilers page).