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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 14 A Deadly Twist?

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 14 A Deadly Twist?

More tragedy coming on Private Practice in the next few episodes. Keep reading for some spoilers on the deadly twist coming up on Private Practice.

First the good news. Grant Show, Addison's bad boy brother, Archer, will reprise his role for the 14th episode of this season which is set to air on February 17. Also returning during that episode is "The Captain", Addison's father played by Stephen Collins.

We don't exactly know why Addison's brother and father are coming back in the same episode but all we know is that it's not good. Sam has to deal with a very "out of it" Addison, who will be hit with a family crisis in the next few episodes. She'll refuse to confront her problems when she and Sam pay visit to her family home in Connecticut. "The challenge for Sam is, what do you do in a relationship when someone you love and care about deeply is just disappearing and pulling away? He's so there for her, and I don't know how he does it because she brings a lot to the party." says Walsh (Addison). “I’m going back to do one episode as far as I know. There’s a crisis and Addison has to go home and the rest of the practice comes to support her,” explains Show (Archer).

What do you think is going to happen? Is "The Captain" sick? Will Susan die?
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Source: TVLine