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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 14 "Home Again" What To Expect From Tonight's Episode

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 14 "Home Again" What To Expect From Tonight's Episode

Keep reading for some spoilers on what to expect from tonight's episode of Private Practice! Make sure you tune in tonight at 10/9c on ABC for an all-new Private Practice!

During tonight's episode, viewers will lay witness to the aftermath of the devastating blow dealt Addison (Kate Walsh) at the end of last week’s episode. “It’s a really powerful episode for Addison,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes explains. "There's such an intense dynamic between Bizzy and Addison, with her always trying to get her mother's approval. Just when they finally get to that point of some sort of peace and understanding, she kills herself and it's really tragic." explains Kate Walsh (Addison). Because while Ad mourns her mother and readies for the funeral back East in Connecticut, she’s also struggling to hide the truth behind Bizzy's death, as per Bizzy's request (“The truth… is too embarrassing,” Bizzy said in her suicide note). “Addison is keeping a secret at the same time as she’s dealing with [her loss]” Rhimes continues.

Fortunately, though perhaps making it harder for Addison to keep it a secret, she is surrounded by her Oceanside Wellness friends at the funeral, in addition to her father, The Captain (Stephen Collins), and brother Archer (Grant Show).

Back in her hometown and surrounded by others who were intimately aware of the family’s complicated relationships, “You get to see where Addison came from and what her life was like back then, in a lot of ways. It’s a really painful, interesting episode.” explains Rhimes. "Everyone plays their role in a funeral, and in this case, it's managing her alcoholic family. It's really funny, but also so sad and dark." says Walsh.

As for AddiSam, Walsh explains "You see them work through this. She finally loses it with Sam and he gets through to her. That's what I love about 'AddiSam,' he's man enough for her. She's very stubborn, and he can sway her to his will."

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