Private Practice Season 4 Baby For AddiSam?

Private Practice Season 4 Baby For AddiSam?

There's been a lot of questions lately about whether or not AddiSam will have a baby anytime soon. Keep reading for some spoilers that answer that question!

To all of you that were hoping for an AddiSam baby, I'm sorry but no baby this season. “I love the AddiSam fans to death, but there is no baby [for them] this year.” says executive producer, Shonda Rhimes.

Rhimes went on explaining “Addison and Sam have just started dating, so I think it would be tremendously strange to throw them right into having a baby. They just got together!”

"Can't she (Addison) just be happy with some chocolate love? She's always asking me for stuff…Babies, now it's babies. I just want her to be committed to me, but for her she wants babies. I obviously have a child and grandchild, I'm a grandfather! And she still wants a baby. Can't a brother get a break?" laughs Taye Diggs (Sam)

Do you agree with Shonda's reasoning?
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Source: TVLine