Private Practice Season 4 Another Interview With KaDee Strickland About The Rape

Private Practice Season 4 Another Interview With KaDee Strickland About The Rape

Here's another spoiler interview with KaDee Strickland who plays Charlotte King on Private Practice. She tells us more about the tragedy that's going to happen to Charlotte. The actual rape happens at the end of the October 28th episode but the episode were we see the aftermath of what happened to Charlotte air on November 4th and is called "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?".

The sweet-yet-hardened Charlotte will be faced with her most difficult obstacle yet when she becomes the victim of a violent sexual attack in the closing moments of the Oct. 28 episode. Her attacker is a deranged man played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Nicholas Brendon.

The sexual attack happens at the hospital. Charlotte being the Chief of Staff at St. Ambrose Hospital. "It puts us in a very wonderful position to really carry through this storyline with the integrity that it deserves, which is that it's not resolved in four episodes. It's not like it just goes away. It is a part of who I will be on this show as long as this show is on the air, and I love that. That's real. She doesn't know [her attacker], I can tell you that. It's a very brief encounter." says Strickland.

The thing with this attack is that it doesn't only affect Charlotte and Cooper's relationship but it affects every relationship on the show. "Cooper is involved in something else at that time. I think that's very real and I think that's great to see that these things don't happen when it's convenient. These things happen in life when you least expect it. And Charlotte also has a lot of shame. More often than not, women aren't readily available [to report the rape]. They're beyond shock, beyond horror; for some of them, not literally physically being able to speak or move. That kind of stuff comes into play." explains the actress.

This isn't like anything we've seen before. We will be taken through the aftermath of how Charlotte deals with it, how a person like Charlotte who has has the world by the tail, who has a great job, who has great people around her, moves forward? It'll be interesting because most tragic event that have happened in the past on Private Practice have almost all been season finales, so we never got to see how exactly they dealt with it. We saw how they dealt with Dell's death and Maya but very briefly. But in this case, they're no flash forwards, there's no waiting for the season premiere, it's just waiting to see week by week how Charlotte and the rest of the characters will deal with what has happened.

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Source: TVGuide