Private Practice Season 4 Interview with KaDee Strickland

Private Practice Season 4 Interview with KaDee Strickland

Here are some more spoilers on the darkest tragedy yet on Private Practice that will affect KaDee Strickland's character Charlotte tremendously. The episode airs Thursday 4th of's only three weeks away!

Charlotte King will be raped by a deranged patient played by Nicholas Brendon. "It's a page turner" says KaDee Strickland. This storyline will definitely be a big part of Charlotte's storyline this season as this will affect her lifestyle greatly. These days there are a dozen of rape stories on TV, but what makes this one different is that "Shonda Rhimes (executive producer) poured her heart and soul into getting it as accurate as possible. And it is. I mean, it’s legitimately very accurate. We worked very closely with RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) on this. Also, we in no way are going to let this thing go away in four episodes. Charlotte will live with this for as long as she’s a character on Private Practice." says Stickland.

The interesting part about all this is how Charlotte's character developed over the last three season, at first she had walls built up around her, and now these walls were almost completely down. These walls will go back up again after this very brutal attack. At first, Charlotte will be in denial and she won't accept what has happened to her.

Strickland tells us about how this rape scene was done, and says "We had a great stunt coordinator, and we gave [Nicholas Brendon] full permission to go for it. I didn’t want to act around it and play around with it. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible. Let’s just say that the day after, the makeup artists had a few legitimate bruises to cover up." Speaking of wanting this to look as realistic as possible, when they filmed the scene where Cooper first lays eyes on a very bruised and battered Charlotte, “The director of the episode didn’t let Paul [Adelstein] see me in the makeup before we shot it,” explains KaDee Strickland. “I literally walked around with a ginormous scarf over me on set. So when Cooper first sees Charlotte, it’s the first time Paul sees her too. I think it’s so awesome to get that natural reaction.”

This episode is only three weeks away, so the Charlotte-Cooper weeding will not happen before that episode and probably not until the end of the season. Though, derailing the wedding with something like this is far more interesting that having Charlotte or Cooper have an affair or have cold feet. Strickland says "i think that you’re going to see Charlotte and Cooper as you’ve never seen them before. And you will see sides of Cooper you’ve never seen before. I love working with Paul [Adelstein]. Charlotte leans into Cooper in a way that I don’t think she ever has in the history of the show."

Also, Charlotte will find comfort in opening up about the actual rape to Addison. So it'll be really interesting to see the dynamic between Addison and Charlotte especially when it's about something as devastating as this. “Charlotte isn’t the kind of person who would want the world to know that she was raped,” explains Rhimes. “And Addison’s a gynecological surgeon, so she needs somebody to help her in that sense. I love the position that it puts Addison in.”

I got chills just by reading about this, it's going to be an intense storyline! Thoughts?

Source: Ausiello