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Private Practice Season 4 Episode 7 "Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King?" Cast Comments About Tonight's Episode

The aftermath of the attack episode airs tonight so make sure you all tune in to see how this plays out! It will definitely be a hard episode to watch so be prepared for that! Keep reading for more spoilers on this episode!

  • The hardest thing that Charlotte is going to have to face is that this happened in her hospital, a place where she is supposed to feel safe in and a place that she'll have to go back to everyday for work. "It will never be the same thing to walk into that hospital" says Strickland.
  • Charlotte's first reaction is shame and denial, so much that she'll hide evidence that she was raped in the opening scene of the episode.
  • Pete is the one who finds Charlotte wandering around in the hospital.
  • Because she's in shock, Charlotte will initially reject a rape kit. Addison will swoop in and try to convince Charlotte to do the right thing (the kit, the HIV test, the blood labs - these are imperative things).
  • "The dichotomy of that relationship changes because I need to lean into someone," Strickland says. "I feel safe and I feel that Addison would never betray me." It'll be interesting to see Addison and Charlotte's relationship grow because of this, especially when someone as strong and confident as Charlotte feels the need to lean into Addison.
  • As for Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), "she and Charlotte start developing a bond, and Charlotte and Amelia will also discover that they have a very significant thing in common, so the bond that they form is immediately deeper." says Scorsone.
  • Because Violet (Amy Brenneman) was raped in college, she will help to guide Charlotte.
  • This will affect Cooper (Paul Adelstein) a lot. "She's a very strong woman and he has a lot of trouble seeing her so compromised." says Adelstein. "I think all of the helplessness, all of the rage, all of the confusion, the element of him not having been able to prevent it, all comes into play," Strickland adds.
  • The small high points of this episode will come in when Cooper attempts to make Charlotte smile, though she'll be the one trying to buck-up for Cooper's sake.
  • Of course, Cooper will be the last one to know about the true nature of Charlotte's attack - and he won't learn about that till a couple of episodes later.

I must say it's going to be an amazing episode yet it'll be very hard to watch! Comment away!