Private Practice A Guest Star Returns

Private Practice A Guest Star Returns

Keep reading for some spoilers on which guest star is returning to Private Practice. Make sure you tune in every Thursday at 10/9c on ABC for an all-new Private Practice!

Amanda Foreman is will reprise her role as Katie Kent. Remember Katie, the mentally unstable pregnant patient who lost her baby and cut Violet's baby out of Violet's belly. Yes, that mentally unstable woman will be returning on Private Practice during episode 19 of this season. The details of her return are scarce but I'll keep you updated!

As for some other Private Practice news, the next issue Addison is going to deal with after her mother's suicide "will be the baby," says Kate Walsh (Addison). "She's getting to the point of, 'Oh my God, time's up! Let's do this!' and yet they've only been dating for a few months, and he's got a grown child, a grandchild and an ex-wife. When women want a baby, they're pretty tenacious," Walsh continues.

What do you think about Katie returning? Do you think it's too soon for a AddiSam baby? Comment away!

Source: TVGuide