Who is "A" on Pretty Little Liars? Some Hints and Clues to Get You Guessing

Who is "A" on Pretty Little Liars? Some Hints and Clues to Get You Guessing

"We have been very deliberate about mapping 'A' ...there have been clues all along. There have been clues from the very beginning," she says. "There were clues, there were comments, it's in the dialogue, it's in the sets, it's in so many different pieces. It has been so much fun."

Pretty Little Liars producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan has definitely got our attention with that one. You mean, if we went back and watched the whole series so far we'd start to see this "A" map? Who's with me on PLL post-season finale viewing parties?

Seriously though, who is "A"? It's been the question on every PLL-er since the Pilot episode but especially over the past season. We all have our speculations and theories, but what hints and clues so far do we actually have? Well, for one...:

  • "A" in the TV series is different from who it is in the books. Take it from Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin):

    “It was so cool. It’s not what it is in the books, to throw off the audience a bit.” 

  • Numerous members of the cast and crew have said that "A"'s identity "makes sense", comes "out of nowhere", will make us want to "scream" at our TVs, and was definitely "shocking" - so shocking that Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) laughed during the table read. Probably more of a relieved laugh, can't imagine the big "A" reveal being too funny. Anybody you have on your list of suspects?
  • Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis) tells us that we will for sure be seeing Alison in the season finale. Of course, this could be anything from a flashback to the possibility of coming across Ali's creepy twin who so far has only been a character in the books.
  • The mystery of "A" and the mystery of "who killed Alison" may or may not be related. (Which means there could be two creepy, sinister suspects to watch out for??)
  • Don't forget our sneak peek clues for the season 2 finale next week, "unmAsked". In the first sneak peek here, it's referenced that whoever it is that revealed himself or herself as "A" to the girls was eating frozen yogurt. Yummy. And...he/she wants to kill one of them. Not so yummy. Emily also uses Melissa's name here, think that's who the girls are talking about? Sneak peek 2 right here definitely isn't making a good case for Melissa.
  • At one point Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) thought Toby could be "A"! As Keegan shared with The Insider:

    "I did think he was going to be ‘A,’ I did, and I still don't know if he's ‘A’ or not, that's how crazy it is." 

    I'm getting the feeling this "A" Day is going to leave us with more questions than answers....

  • It's been confirmed that Brendan Robinson will be in the season finale as Lucas - and that Lucas will be a returning character for season 3. Does this mean Lucas might have something to do with the "A" plot after all?
  • Continuing with her season finale Alfred Hitchcock homages, showrunner Marlene King is bringing Psycho into the finale for season 2. Which means, yep you guessed it, there's going to be a shower scene. At a "creepy motel". Think this could give us any clues as to who might be behind "A"?

And if you're still itching for even more spoilery speculation, Wetpaint Entertainment has racked up a pretty interesting list of top "A" suspects, based on what we've gathered from the last episode, "If These Dolls Could Talk".

So. Who's on your "A" suspect list? Discuss "A" in the comments, and if you have any "A" clues I've missed from the series so far, be sure to add your own in the comments!