Who is A in Pretty Little Liars: Key Spoilers

Who is A in Pretty Little Liars: Key Spoilers

In an interview that still has fans buzzing, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale admitted last month that she doesn't know the identity of A on Pretty Little Liars.

Ryan Seacrest - Aria - reveals the identity of A in the novels, says she doesn't know who it will be on the drama - but emphasizes that changes are afoot.

Brant Daugherty - who plays Noel - says all he "can do is speculate" about the person(s) stalking all four pretty little liars.

"The information they gave us in the finale, with Ian and Allison and what we know of Ian's relationship with Spencer, allows for some interesting conclusions to be drawn,"

Through books 1-4 we found out that 'A' is Mona. She hated all of the girls and wanted to get back at them. She found Allison's old diary in the trash when the new family moved into Allison's old house, and Mona learned all of their secrets. But she died at the end of Book 4, and now there's supposedly a new 'A'. A new A in books 5,6, turns out to be a worker who was working on the DiLaurentis's gazebo.

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