Tyler Blackburn Reveals Spoilers About Season Finale and Haleb

Tyler Blackburn Reveals Spoilers About Season Finale and Haleb

If you're a fan of Caleb, or the charming Tyler Blackburn who portrays him, then I bet you were excited to hear that Tyler will be staying on Pretty Little Liars next season (of course) - but as a series regular. Which means all the more season 3 episodes we get to see some Hanna-and-Caleb.

But since we're still in season 2, Tyler thought he'd give us PLL fans a spoiler heads-up about a particular (sweet) Haleb plot line coming up:

"Blackburn also revealed in an upcoming episode, there will be a Masquerade Ball where Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb will have a "Romeo and Juliet" style storyline."

Although, if this plot holds true to Romeo and Juliet, might it also hold true to the "tragedy" part? Let's hope not, for Hanna's sake.

In his conference call with ABC Family, Tyler also revealed an extra spoiler about the finale. While we do know that the identity of "A" will be revealed, what does that mean for future seasons?

"But for those who fear that the mysterious part of the series will be gone now that their central plot ends, Blackburn promises that while the identity of "A" may be revealed, a new mystery immediately takes off at the end of the finale episode."

What new mystery might this be? Sound off in the comments, Liar fans!