Toby's BetrAyal: Is He a Double Agent? Season 3B Spoilers

Toby's BetrAyal: Is He a Double Agent? Season 3B Spoilers

Dang, the finale for Pretty Little Liars season 3A was intense, wasn't it? We found out "Nate" was the "lady killer", revealed Toby as another member of the 'A' Team, and shot Caleb all in one go. But we can kind of assume that Caleb's going to be okay, right? Since Tyler Blackburn's now a series regular and all.

So let's get back to Toby - did you see it coming? Spencer sure doesn't, and now that she and Toby have slept together, needless to say it's definitely going to make things more complicated. But will the girls be on to him in season 3B? PLL writer and executive producer Oliver Goldstick lets us in on that a little bit.

"'s kind of hair-raising because of how much the girls are letting him in and how intimate Spencer is with him.... You know something the girls don't."

Oliver had a chat with TVLine post-finale about Toby's big betrAyal, and the theories going around are that, either he's going undercover as a member of the 'A' team for Spencer and the girls - or he fell in love with Spencer after he was already in cahoots with 'A'.

Of course Spoby fans are in shock, but Oliver tells us that Toby may have more reason than none to be against the Liars too.

"Don't forget what those girls did. No one stood up for him when he was put away in juvie hall because of Alison. Those other four girls were passive; no one defended him or did anything. Just remember that."

Not only is Oliver implying that Toby might have a motive, he even says that we'll be exploring some of that and his mystery firsthand when new episodes return this winter. When Toby left, he told Spencer that he was "exactly where he needed to be right now", and when Spence pointedly asked him if he took "the job" as an excuse to get away from her, he made a point to say that he knows it "looks that way", but that was not the case. Hm, subtle Toby clues, maybe?

So would Toby really come back and sleep with Spencer under completely nefarious circumstances? Oliver says not to put it past him.

People punish people for many reasons and on many levels.... He's Jenna's step-brother, too. People really mess with people in Rosewood." [Laughs]

What do you think, is Toby messing with Spencer? Is he really all for Team 'A' or is he deceiving even Mona?