Think Alison Has a Twin on the Show? Some Clues from Season 2 Episode 12 “Over My Dead Body”

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November 16, 2011


While we wait in anticipation for Pretty Little Liars‘ triumphant TV return in January, Wetpaint Entertainment has put together a strong list of clues from season 2′s midseason finale, “Over My Dead Body” that Ali’s twin could very well be a plot point on the TV series as well as the books (which we also saw strong hinting of in the special Halloween episode, “The First Secret”).

Take a peek at this first clue:

1. Another hint that Ali has a twin!
By far the biggest clue of the episode is when Alison (Sasha Pieterse) visits a recently rescued Emily (Shay Mitchell) and tells her, “Two can only keep a secret when one of them is dead.” When we first heard her say this, we just assumed it was a knowing wink at the show’s theme song. (We were like, “Who knew Ali was such a fan of The Pierces?”)

You can read the other two clues in the full article here at Wetpaint.

  • Happy123

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  • Dani

    How does that make a point specifically saying she has a twin? Yes theres a second party involved in that saying but I have a feeling it could mean she knew who “A” was and thats what got her killed.

    Just a thought