Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Will the Show Only Last Five Seasons?

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January 24, 2013

It’s been mentioned in the past that Pretty Little Liars may only last a small chunk of seasons, but we’ve never worried much about it. I mean, PLL is so popular, we have nothing to worry about, right? Well, that all depends on whether you see the same four Liars in Pretty Little Liars‘ future.

“Could Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily ever be replaced? Time moves very slowly in Rosewood — but eventually, the Liars have to grow up and move on from high school. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick tells [Zap2It] that the writers have a plan for the current Liars through the summer after their senior year. ‘I think five [seasons] is what we originally thought,’ he says.

‘But there are ways to invigorate this show, interestingly enough. We’ve talked, internally, about introducing four new Pretty Little Liars; we’ve talked about that with the studio. There could be four new girls after these girls graduate, who witness or participate in some sort of crime, and all of a sudden you have four new girls who are lying. I don’t know! But for now, with these girls, we’ve all thought that we’ve got five seasons in them.’”

What do you think, should Pretty Little Liars pull a Glee and do a future overhaul on the cast or should the show just call it quits after season 5?

  • Mashii90

    What ?! Come on ! You can’t replace the four original liars . Find a way to keep them together and keep making a fantastic show ;)

  • Carter Connell

    Please keep the show going I absolutely love it. And keep the original girls and just let it continue on with them being stalked while they are in college.

  • Nicole Berg

    As much as I love PLL I am already getting annoyed with how played out some characters are and situations. How many seasons can you chase down the A team? How many seasons can you make people go without knowing what happened to Allison? I’m already ansy at season 3. 5 should be more than enough. And I wouldnt bring it back with new girls, it would ruin it.

  • Madison Kinney

    Ya don’t replace them I love the four girls and just show them through there college years it will be really good and it awesome to see what happens to Emily and Paige and Hannah and Caleb and ezara and spence and Toby and aria to so keep the show going we all love it and want more seasons with the same girl

  • Grace

    If You Would Bring 4 New Girls In PLL, The Show Wouldn’t Be The Same And It Would Totally Ruin It!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep It TheWay It Is, It’s Just Perfect .. #HOOKEDFORLIFE

  • Christina Kladis

    You cant replace the original girls but i would love to see the show continue!!

  • Miss Penguin

    I agree. How many more characters can become/defect from the A-team before it gets ridiculous? Toby was supposed to have Evil Intentions but turned out good, and Spencer was just a double-agent. It’s beginning to feel a little silly, that basically everyone ever is in doubt or a suspect. I’d rather they focused season 5 on wrapping things up, answering questions and not worrying about A number 6 or 7.