Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: What’s the Twist in Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 8 “The A Train”?

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October 17, 2012

Before the eighth and final episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets premiered on ABC Family, showrunner Marlene King tweeted this to a PLL fan:

“I think Dirty Little Secrets will end with some awesome, scary twist. But I’m just guessing.”

Now that we’ve seen episode 8 of Pretty Dirty Secrets (titled, “The A Train”), we know that the final episode of the web series centers around ‘A’ hovering over the route map for the Rosewood Halloween Ghost Train, no doubt in the middle of plotting out this “crazy ride”.

But what is the twist? Or will the twist make itself known once we’ve seen the Halloween episode next week?

You can watch the eighth and final episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets, “The A Train” below, and remember to share your thoughts on this “twist” in the comments!