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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 7 "cAll Security"

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 7 "cAll Security"

In last night's episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets, "cAll Security", we see Shana (Aerial Miranda) conversing with a mystery someone over the phone while closing up the Halloween store - and then another mystery someone sneak into the Halloween Spooktacular after hours to delete some very interesting footage from security.

Could the two scenes be connected? Let's see....

  • When Shana refers to meeting "them" during her phone call, is she talking about the Liars? It sounds like somebody is starting to pressure her, but what exactly is it that Shana needs "some time" for? She tells whoever it is she's talking to ('A' maybe?) that she's "sure they'll all be in the store before Halloween". Since we know from past Pretty Dirty Secrets episodes just who has come in the store already, it's probably safe to assume that she is in fact talking about the girls. But what exactly could 'A' want Shana to do, and is it possible that her task is the reason she applied to work at the Halloween Spooktacular store in the first place?
  • "Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I was there. I was her friend, too."

    Sounds a lot like this person is questioning Shana's loyalty here. Is Shana talking about Alison when she says, "I was her friend, too"? And what event could be the subject of their conversation for Shana to say she "was there" - where's "there", exactly?

  • After Shana closes up and leaves, we see a hoodied figure we've known in the past to be 'A' creeping around in the dark - but before that, there's a quick blip of a certain lanky masked figure frozen in place in the store, and it certainly doesn't look like a mannequin. What exactly (or who exactly) is it that we're seeing here?
  • 'A' makes his/her way over to the main computer and logs into security, and we watch as this mystery 'A' takes a look at some of the store footage: all the encounters we've witnessed in past Pretty Dirty Secrets episodes. Jason and CeCe. Noel and Shana, then Noel and Garrett. But there's something way more interesting that 'A' freeze-frames on the screen next. This here:

    We can guess all day at who it might be, but I'm sure you know who it looks like. Thoughts in the comments?

  • The hoodied figure resumes moving through footage, this time coming to Lucas and the masked/costumed someone we recognized from last year's Halloween episode. Although in one shot, there's someone else in the background behind Lucas - someone in a red coat. 'A' freezes on this frame too, so it must have some importance. Of course between showrunner, Marlene King's "red is the new black" and Vivian Darkbloom's red coat, we know it means something.
  • Then, surprise surprise, 'A' inserts a flash drive, copies all the footage over, then deletes the original files from the security hard drive.

If dark hoodied figures are any indication of 'A', then naturally the mysterious hoodied figure in this episode should be part of the "A Team". Is it Toby, Mona, or somebody else entirely? In addition to raising some hairs, this episode raises some other questions too - like is Shana indeed a spy planted by 'A' and is Alison still alive?

Talk about these clues, and share your own, in the comments below.

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