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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 6 "AssociAtion"

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 6 "AssociAtion"

In the latest episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets, "AssociAtion", we get a glimpse into Shana's cell phone...and it doesn't look "pretty":

  • We can see that Shana gets a lot of texts and calls from a "Blocked ID" - one text between them even saying, "We have to talk!" While we can't exactly say for sure, this definitely reeks of "A". Plus, we can see that Shana has two voicemails she hasn't listened to - has she been avoiding whoever's on the other end of this "Blocked ID"?
  • Notice that a "Paige" is in Shana's calls? Is this Emily's Paige (Lindsey Shaw), and if it is, how does she know Shana?
  • There are also a lot of interesting photos on there...including one of the poster of the Halloween Ghost Train Party. If Toby (Keegan Allen) was seen close by the poster in season 3 episode 12, "The Lady Killer", and if that's his hoodied "A" back we see turned to us at the end of that same episode (where we also see the same poster), then...could Shana possibly be communicating with "A"? Okay, so that's a lot of "ifs". But you've gotta admit, these puzzle pieces seem to fit. (Wetpaint Entertainment goes through some of the other photos in their post here.)
  • And of course at the very end, Shana gets another call from this "Blocked ID", which tells us that communication between the two is still going on and not just a one-time thing. Could Shana be a spy for "A"?

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Still credit: Wetpaint Entertainment