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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 5 "TrAde Off"

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 5 "TrAde Off"

Lucas (Brendan Robinson) has a run-in with Shana (Aerial Miranda) at the Halloween Spook-tacular, but also with a mysterious masked someone who looks oh-so familiar....

Check out these potential Pretty Little Liars clues from episode 5 of Pretty Dirty Secrets, "TrAde Off":

  • So Lucas has officially met Shana - but will they end up having more in common than just Comic Con, do you think?
  • Lucas answers a phone call, but all we hear from it is his exasperated reply that he "got his ticket", he "has what he needs", and that he'll "be there". What ticket is this, and more importantly, who could be on the other end of the call?
  • We get a glimpse of what's been going down in the dressing room, if Lucas' encounter with this mysterious, costumed stranger is any indication. But what does this masked stranger give Lucas when he asks if they "have it"? It definitely looks a lot like cash, and since Lucas retorts that they could have put it "in an envelope", it certainly fits. But for what "trade off" could Lucas be accepting money? (And what exactly did this person nearly inaudibly whisper in Lucas' ear to get him running into the dressing room that fast?)
  • We know that Shana sees Lucas disappear into the dressing room, and her "Never a dull moment" comment implies that she sees this kind of stuff a lot. Which would make sense, what with her roving eyes during her talk with Noel in the last episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets.

We saw this same mysterious, masked stranger in last year's PLL Halloween episode. So, who do you think it is?

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