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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 3 "A VoicemAil"

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 3 "A VoicemAil"

Update! See below in bold.

"A VoicemAil" was quite the mind-buster as Pretty Dirty Secrets' new episode this week, focusing off-screen on a mystery someone checking an answering machine...but at whose place? Judging by a couple of the voicemails left on the machine, we're left to assume it's either Garrett's (Yani Gellman) or his mother's - but who is checking the voicemails? Is it Garrett himself?

Let's pick apart the pretty little details:

  • So the big question is, whose answering machine are we listening to? Message #3 reveals that it's the cleaners calling for Mrs. Reynolds (Garrett's mom)...but does that mean it's her message machine, or did she just give them this number so she could be reached at this phone? Could it be Garrett's message machine? It would make sense for Garrett to be checking old voicemails, considering he just got let out of jail. But of course that makes Message #2 quite a pickle that Garrett leaving a message for his mom about plane tickets? Why would Garrett leave a message on his own answering machine?
  • At first thought, we're left to assume that the person off-screen checking messages is Garrett - after all, who else would have the password to check his mother's voicemail (assuming it is Mrs. Reynold's voicemail)? Unless of course it's Garrett's own answering machine...but there's actually no proof that it is Garrett walking in and throwing his keys and wallet down on the counter, if you think about it. So what do you think, is it Garrett checking messages or somebody else?
  • We may not get to see who is checking the messages, but we do get to see what's on the tabletop as the camera pans across - a vase with yellow flowers, a tiny hexagonal container made of a kind of stoneware, some sort of milky liquid solution in a beaker/measuring glass, a glass bottle filled with incense sticks coupled with another similar hexagonal container and two white candles...and the telephone and answering machine. There are also a couple sheets of paper (notes?) sitting next to the phone, although the camera pans away quickly at the end so we're not able to see exactly what they are. Any thoughts on what any of this is, and do you recognize any items in particular?
  • Most of the messages on the machine seem pretty mundane - from a notice from the pharmacy about a prescription to picking up laundry that's already been held for two weeks - but we know Pretty Little Liars, so we also know that mundane is anything but the case. So let's dissect each voicemail, shall we?

    a) Message #1: To whose prescription is the Rosewood Pharmacy referring, and more importantly, to what prescription? Is there any possibility it could be the Milizopam pills discovered in Emily's flask, the same pill bottle that was also found in Lucas' camera bag?

    b) Message #2: "Hey Mom, I got our tickets. We fly out the morning of the 1st. You better get packing." Whose voice is that leaving the message, is it Garrett's? If it is, to where exactly did he and his mom fly "on the 1st"? Were our Liar girls right in thinking that Garrett was let out of jail the night of Jenna's party for more than the reason of seeing his mom at the hospital? But then again, wasn't Garrett's mom actually in the hospital...or at least, that we know of.

    c) Message #3: Rosewood Cleaners is calling for Mrs. Reynolds to let her know that her dry cleaning has been sitting there for about three weeks, and they're only able to hold it for ten more days. Was this message left during the time Mrs. Reynolds spent in the hospital?

    d) And of course, the fourth and final message is an unknown voice...breathing heavily. Creepy, right? But what might a Darth Vader-ish voicemail mean for anybody? Is it someone on the "A" Team, or somebody else? And if it is Garrett's answering machine, what could this unknown person want with him exactly?

  • Is there significance in the person off-screen deleting all these messages, other than it being his/her own answering machine? Because if it isn't Garrett checking his own machine (or his mother's) and deleting messages...who is? And why? And why didn't this person delete the last message, or is that just something we're not seeing?
  • Did anyone else notice that glimpse of the hand we see at the end? It definitely seems feminine in nature - not a hand belonging to that of a guy - which leaves us to wonder, whose hand is it? Could it be Melissa's? (Thank you to Spoilers Guide reader, Soozielee for sharing this in her comment!)

This episode really gives us a lot to think about, so I'm inviting all you PLL fans to get a convo going in the comments below - share your own theories! And remember to check out Pretty Dirty Secrets every Tuesday night at!