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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 2 "A Reunion"

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers from Pretty Dirty Secrets Episode 2 "A Reunion"

In this second episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets, "A Reunion", Jason (Drew Van Acker) has a surprise run-in with Alison act-a-like, ex-girlfriend CeCe (Vanessa Ray) at the Halloween "Spooktacular" store, and it's anything but a friendly encounter for the two.

The plus side for us though, is that we gather a little more juicy tidbits to help us in our "A" game, like:

  • Turns out CeCe broke up with Jason the second Ali's dead body was discovered. Okay, maybe not that second. More like the next day. But what other clues, if any, does this give us about Cece? She claims she had her reasons for breaking up with Jason, so should we believe her when she says her friendship with Alison had nothing to do with her relationship with Jason?
  • The episode opens with Jason on the phone with...who? It's left a mystery of course, but whoever it is, they're the one who just cashed "the check" - as in the check Jason told Spencer he would forget about and ended up pocketing instead (hinting that he actually was going to do something with it). But according to what we're hearing, this person isn't fulfilling their end of the bargain, Jason threatening to call the police if he doesn't get proof "soon". What proof is Jason talking about, and do you think he's talking to someone on the "A" Team? The fact that whoever is on the other end of the phone call is threatening Jason right back tells us that it's a strong possibility.
  • Apparently Jason thought CeCe might have helped Alison run away, before finding out his little sister was dead. We've already pretty much figured out that she played a bit of a role in Alison's life based on their eerie Alison-like similarities...but could her ties to Ali have been more than just a simple mentorship? According to Jason, Ali was just "a kid" before she met CeCe, who helped her take her Ali ways "to the next level".
  • By the end of the conversation we learn that Jason has something on CeCe, and CeCe has something on Jason - even going so far as to threaten Jason with his real alibi the night Alison died. But it sounds like this is more than just an ex-couple spat, and it very well could be. Do Jason and CeCe both know more than they're letting us believe?
  • The end scene introduces us to Pretty Little Liars new character, Shana (Aerial Miranda) - the girl working the counter at "Spooktacular", who we're sure definitely heard at least the end of Jason and CeCe's less-than-friendly reunion. What else (or maybe who else) do you think she hears, working the Halloween store?

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