Ravenswood Spoilers: Caleb Returns to Rosewood to Talk to Hanna

Ravenswood Spoilers: Caleb Returns to Rosewood to Talk to Hanna


Pretty Little Liars writer and Ravenswood executive producer, Oliver Goldstick shared with E! Online some upcoming spoilers for when the show returns in January - which includes seeing Tyler Blackburn's Caleb again on Pretty Little Liars, and seeing Ashley Benson's Hanna on Ravenswood.

"Caleb does come back to Pretty Little Liars in the premiere episode and he has to tell [Hanna] something. But the conversation in 4B, at the top of that first episode, is less than satisfying for him. She senses something else is going on, she can't really put her finger on it, but she knows he's not being completely honest. So by episode 10 of Ravenswood, which will probably coincide with the sixth episode of 4B of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna goes there. Caleb then has to be honest about this stuff, which will be interesting because Hanna...is not someone who is a complete disbeliever."

Oliver also shared that yes, part of Caleb's apprehension around Hanna will be because of Miranda - ghost girl or no.

Does [Hanna and Caleb's] difficult talk in Rosewood have anything to do with the fact that Caleb could have feelings for Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson)? He seemed to realize a connection or sparks when he crossed over to the other side last night.
"I think that's part of it. I mean, yes, he and Miranda, because of the life and death experience they shared, they got very close very quickly. It's unlike any other relationship. It wasn't like they were stuck in a double feature at the mall. They basically went under water and she didn't make it. They have such similar backgrounds that they identify with strongly."

Are you looking forward to seeing Hanna in Ravenswood and Caleb back in Rosewood when Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars return in January?