Ravenswood Spoiler: What Brings Hanna to Ravenswood?

Ravenswood Spoiler: What Brings Hanna to Ravenswood?


If you've read these spoilers for episode 5 of Ravenswood, "Scared to Death", you might have noticed the spoiler that Ashley Benson's Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars will be making an appearance.

Showrunner Marlene King recently confirmed the news to Entertainment Weekly - but why is Hanna in Ravenswood?

...Marlene King teases, “There is definitely a plan of action that would bring the character of Hanna to Ravenswood.”

Though Marlene notes that there aren't any current plans for other characters from Pretty Little Liars to cross over anytime soon - at least "not in the first five" episodes. Would you like to see any of the other girls on Ravenswood, and what do you think Marlene King's "plan of action" for Hanna is? (And for you PLL-ers, what do you think happens in the second half of season 4 to lead Hanna back to Ravenswood - is it just Caleb, or something else entirely?)