Pretty Little Liars Shipping Spoilers for Season 2 Finale

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February 23, 2012

If you’re a big PLL fan, you probably already follow showrunner Marlene King on Twitter, where she throws the occasional spoiler and hinting around. And lately, Marlene’s been heavy-handed with her shipping spoilers (and we as fans, love it!).

Check these out:

  • There will be more Ezria goodness coming up. In fact, Marlene hinted that the finale is the episode to wait for if you love Ezra and Aria.
  • Wrencer’s cute, but dang. Are you as hungry for more Spencer-and-Toby as I am? Wait for it. Because, according to Marlene, Spoby is going to “bring it” in the season 2 finale, “unmAsked”.

What Pretty Little Liars couples do you ship, and what will you be waiting for in the finale? Aside from finding out who “A” is, of course. (And don’t worry you Haleb fans, I hear there’s some good stuff with Caleb and Hanna coming up in the finale too.)

  • Sweetgreenapple19

    I really dont care about who A is all i want to know is were is Maya.Why she isn;t in the finale.

  • Princess1992

    dont care who A is, are you CRAZY? LOL

  • Anon

    who cares about couples and romance, mainly in the season finale???? that’s what this show resumed to.. they should move it to lifetime..

    give us more A and Alison stuff!