She's Alive! Spoilers on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special

She's Alive! Spoilers on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special

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There's still a lot left unanswered when it comes to Alison's relationship with each of the girls - and while they're definitely intriguing, there's only so much we can unearth via flashbacks. But what if we could go back in time, to when Ali was still alive? Come this October we'll be able to do just that, when ABC Family will air a special Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars post-midseason finale - set before the pilot episode, and before Alison's death.

Because Alison's favorite holiday is - yep, you guessed it - Halloween.

Brendan Robinson, who portrays Lucas, says of the special: "That episode is completely a prequel to the pilot, so Alison is alive .. and Halloween, of course, is her favorite holiday, so we're going to see how Alison torments Lucas and the rest of Rosewood. We'll get a lot more information about why somebody might have killed her."

And what other spooks, "spells", and spoilers can we expect on this Pretty Little Liars fright night? Read on...:

  • Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) of course won't be making an appearance in this pre-pilot special episode...but according to Ian Harding, his character Ezra Fitz will be "playing a part". Quote, unquote. But other than that small snippet, he's chosen to remain mysterious about it.
  • Lucy Hale (Aria) has mentioned that we'll get to see just when Alison decided to choose the four girls as her pack of pretties - plus some of the first hintings of Emily (Shay Mitchell) being into Ali.
  • Back to Lucas. We know he was one of Ali's most tormented victims, and on this All Hallows Eve Night his initial reaction to Ali's bullying will come out - which, Brendan tells us, will definitely give us more of an insight into his character.

Keep checking back here for more Halloween episode-related Pretty Little Liars spoilers. In the meantime, let's chat it up in the comments on what you think's going to go down.

The Pretty Little Liars hour-long Halloween-themed episode - titled, "The First Secret" - is set to air on ABC Family October 19.

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