Shay Mitchell Teases Different Side of Emily on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

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February 5, 2011

With Maya looking to stay in juvie (at least for a while), homophobic Paige on a hate rampage, and “A” being more aggressive than ever, things aren’t looking sunny for Emily on Pretty Little Liars. But a side of fun is about to be served up with that big helping of bleak. For one, in the next episodes of the second half of the season, Emily will experience an evolution of sorts, according to actress Shay Mitchell, spoilers below:

  • You definitely get to see different sides of Emily that you maybe didn’t see in the first 10. You thought you knew kinda what she was about, but she definitely surprises everybody. And seeing her a little bit tipsy with a little bit of liquid courage in [a recent] episode was one way.
  • Emily gets a little loosened up in 1.19, and she does have some fun that night.
  • Someone will be reaching out to help Toby — much to Emily’s surprise — after he finds himself in need of help.

Source: eOnline