Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Find Out More About Ezra, Ali, and Mona...

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: Find Out More About Ezra, Ali, and Mona...


Socio. Oh wait, wrong show.

Even though Ian Harding's Ezra Fitz may be playing for the 'A' team now, Janel Parrish (Mona) is here to tell us that Ezra is not a sociopath. Whew. Good to know.

In light of the Pretty Little Liars season 4 summer finale, Janel dished to E! Online about what will be going on with Ezra, Mona...and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) too, when season 4 resumes in January. Check it:

  • Ezra:
    "He's not a sociopath, no. Ezra is extremely smart and you'll find out more about his reasoning for things and you'll find out more about that storyline when we come back, but absolutely Ezra is not a sociopath."

    "Ezra was the world's most perfect boyfriend and a perfect, loyal leading man. So to take that and twist that into the idea that he might actually be this master villain is shocking. I think a lot of teenage girls across American are heartbroken, but I think it's a super, super smart plot twist and it's making people want to come back in for next season and that is exactly what we want."

  • Mona:
    "As we saw in the finale, Mona is kind of back in the A suspect list even though the girls thought they could trust her. She doesn't like that she has been squeezed out by the inner circle again and so she is going to start hanging out with a different group," Parrish reveals. "The person that she starts hanging out with is kind of a shocker in her storyline but she'll start hanging out with somebody and maybe make a love connection that fans will be surprised about."

  • Ali:
    "I'm very excited for them to find out more about Alison and why she's been hiding and all these things because we're going to dig deeper into that storyline as soon as we return."

Whose season 4 storyline are you looking forward to most, out of the three?