Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: About to Get Some Competition for the Liars’ Love Lives

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June 18, 2013


If Aria and Ezra breaking up for good-good in the season 4 premiere wasn’t a sign of episodes to come, then this definitely is. Pretty Little Liars executive producer, Oliver Goldstick shared with Entertainment Weekly that all the Liars’ loves lives are about to do some shifting for the first half of this season.

…“It’s a very interesting season for that. All four girls have a person somewhere on the horizon,” he says. However, he adds, many of these romantic interests “don’t surface maybe till we’re deep in [season] 4A, sometimes earlier than that. For Emily, for Spencer, for Hannah — there is competition for their affection coming up,” he says.

Yes, sorry, Spoby fans, that includes them. Goldstick says the beloved pairing is indeed going to be “somewhat strained by some of the circumstances surrounding his own personal mystery,” he says. “What is he going to reveal? How much? Will it cost him something if he does reveal it? You know, it becomes one of those questions where he has to be very cautious and very circumspect about what he can share or it may backfire and boomerang and really hurt him.”

Are you excited to be seeing the girls gravitating toward other guys this season, or are you as frustrated as I am by just our Ezria split??

  • Emaya Shannon

    I hope Paily break up this Season.

  • Tanya Marcy

    I’m not as attached to Paige-and-Emily as I am to say, Aria-and-Ezra. But I do love Lindsey Shaw (Paige), so whatever happens relationship-wise I hope they keep her around for a bit! :)

  • Emaya Shannon

    HELL NO! I want 2 see Paily break up.