Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: She’s Back…! Cece Drake Returns in Winter Episodes

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October 16, 2013


We haven’t seen the last of Red-Coated Vanessa Ray’s Cece Drake on Pretty Little Liars. Zap2It informs us that Vanessa will be filming more Liars episodes – so it’s pretty safe to say that Cece will be back to taunting our girls in some form or another.

The actress is about to film more episodes as devious CeCe Drake on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” which resumes its fourth season this winter after its Halloween episode Tuesday, Oct. 22. Ray is able to do that by taking a brief leave from the Friday-night CBS drama “Blue Bloods,” which she has joined in Season 4 as Eddie Janko, the new partner of NYPD Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes).

“It’s so fun to do,” the lively Ray tells Zap2it of her “Liars” gig, “and what a crazy character I get to play. She’s sort of a sociopath. I think she’s so weird because she’s, like, 22 but hangs out with high-schoolers. It’s like, ‘Hey, girl! Get a life!’ But I’m so lucky to get to play a character who really is a ‘character’ … an off-the-wall, self-centered, bizarre fashionista.”‘

Any thoughts on how we’ll be seeing Cece in the second half of season 4, when Pretty Little Liars returns in January?