Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Is Emily Interested in Going to the Olympics?

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June 5, 2013

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When Pretty Little Liars starts up again next Tuesday with season 4, our Liars will be delving deeper into the mystery surrounding “A” – which may include another near-death experience for Janel Parrish’ Mona in the following week’s episode (yikes). But what about the girls’ own hopes and dreams, outside of the world of “A”?

Based on the spoiler below from TV Line’s Michael Ausiello, sounds like Emily (Shay Mitchell) may be taking an interest in the swimming Olympics.

“It looks like Emily is taking her swimming career to the next level. In next season’s ninth episode, aptly titled “Into the Deep,” the wannabe Missy Franklin crosses paths with a prolific swimming coach who’s famous for sending his students to the Olympics. He’s also famous for being something of a drill sergeant, so let’s hope Em doesn’t get in over her head. Swimming puns! Woo-hoo!”

What do you think of this new development for Emily?