Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Hanna Gives Caleb Her Blessing to Stay in Ravenswood

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September 20, 2013


Haleb fans have been anticipating a possible break-up ever since hearing the news that Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) would be moving on over to Pretty Little Liarssister spin-off series, Ravenswood in October. Especially since the big reveal about Ezra – if we’re losing Ezria, could we be losing Haleb too?

But E! Online spoils for us that Ashley Benson’s Hanna will actually “give Caleb her blessing” as he decides to stay in Ravenswood – and that the couple will not break up. At least for now.

“…we just got back from Ravenswood (no, really, we did!) and we sat down with PLL heartthrob Tyler Blackburn to talk about Haleb’s fate. We can tell you that the couple will be fine…for now. In the Halloween special Caleb, Hanna and new Ravenswood resident Miranda have to work together to stay alive and uncover deadly secrets. We all know that Caleb will stay behind in Ravenswood, but did you know that it’s actually Hanna’s idea for him to stay? That’s right, Hanna’s gives Caleb her blessing to stay in that ultra-creepy town and help his newfound friend Miranda. Bonus scoop: The couple will not break up in the Halloween special.”

Do you think the distance might prove difficult for Haleb sometime in the near future, or will Hanna and Caleb have enough to worry about in their respective towns?