Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Ezra/Aria/Jake is a Real Love Triangle by the Finale

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July 24, 2013


While Aria has been getting to know Ryan Guzman’s Jake this season so far, Ezria fans might still be a little bit in shock over their final-for-good breakup. But, as Jake himself hinted at, is Aria’s relationship with Ezra really over for good?

Pretty Little Liars executive producer, Oliver Goldstick talked a little bit about that whole triangle with TVLine:

Jake “rides back into Rosewood” in next week’s episode, confirms exec producer Oliver Goldstick, “and their romance heats up by the latter half of the season.” He adds that the Ezra/Aria/Jake imbroglio is “a real triangle by the finale. There will be a turn of events in Ezra’s life, too, that may change his relationship with Aria. We’re editing the penultimate episode right now, which I wrote, and in it you’ll get to see Ryan Guzman show his fancy dance moves. We have a great Footloose/Urban Cowboy episode where he gets to let loose. You’ll see why Aria’s drawn in that direction.”

What do you think will change in Ezra’s life that may make a difference for him and Aria, and are you excited for Ryan (Jake) to show us his fancy footwork in an upcoming episode?