Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Ezra is NOT...

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Ezra is NOT...

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/ UPDATE: Pretty Little Liars showrunner, Marlene King confirmed in a recent E! Online that Ezra is not 'A'...I don't know, should we believe her, PLL-ers?

Jennifer: I still don't believe that Ezra isn't connected to the A-team. What about the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode?!

Funny you should bring that up! We recently chatted with she-who-has-all-the-answers, Marlene King, and we asked that very same question. The executive producer revealed, "I think there were two gas masks that night." Ooh and the plot thickens! King clarified that other than spying on the girls, we haven't actually seen Ezra do anything devious. As for Ezra's disappearing Ravenswood lair? The showrunner explained, "I think he followed the trail of Ali, I think Ali went to Ravenswood first and Ezra was following her trail." So, in conclusion: Ezra = Super obsessed writer, not "A."


In the wake of last week's episode, "Free Fall", Pretty Little Liars show creator, Marlene King dished to E! Online that while it may have looked like Ian Harding's Ezra was 'A' actuality, he was nothing more than a pretty little stalker.

"Ezra is not A, but he is a pretty little liar." King exclusively revealed to E! News. "So now it's going to be about what his true intentions were. Was he doing this for greed? Did this turn into something else? Was he helping the girls ultimately? You know, time will tell but I think that betrayal is betrayal."

King also pointed out a key clue that proved that Ezra was never A: "He's never worn the hoodie." Think about it, little liars. Ezra's devious outfit-of-choice was a black baseball cap and black jacket. There were no hoods, people!

Hmm...true, true. After Ezra's confession in "Free Fall", I was willing to second-guess the whole thing about his "book about Ali" - but if Marlene King says he's not 'A', then...who is? And was Ezra unknowingly helping them out somehow?