Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Another “Pretty” Teacher at Rosewood??

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September 25, 2013


Okay, this just isn’t fair. How come Rosewood High gets all the “pretty” and “hot” teachers? Ezra Fitz, you may have to bone up on your hotness…ahem, I mean teaching skills…to compete with the likes of Wes Ramsey and whoever this casting bit from E! Online turns out to be. (Especially considering, you know, how you’re now on Team ‘A’ and borderline-evil and all.)

Prepare yourselves, ’cause Rosewood High is currently in the market for a new substitute teacher. Yes, the ABC Family hit is casting a pretty new sub in her 40s, so it looks like Ezra may once again be losing the title of Hottest English Teacher on TV. The ep’s title, by the way? “She’s Come Undone.” Could that be in reference to our dear Aria?!

Do you think we know the teacher she’ll be substituting for, or will one of the girls just be taking her class?