Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: Alison’s Mom is Back in Rosewood

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March 21, 2013


Well, if I wasn’t confused watching Pretty Little Liars before, I am now.

Now that the PLL finale dust has settled, writer and executive producer on the show, Oliver Goldstick talked with ET Online to clear up any questions about the season 3 finale – and to tease an early spoiler about Alison’s mom in season 4.

“…Mrs. DiLaurentis is coming back! She comes back, alone, and lives in that house. She has a peculiar agenda that the girls cannot figure out. It takes quite a while for the girls to unravel what the hell she’s doing back in Rosewood and what she really wants….

“…Mrs. D gives us a whole new window onto Alison, the summer before she disappeared, the night she disappeared and her relationship with the girls. Remember that flashback of Alison coming in all bloody at 3 a.m. — clearly something big was going on there. All those things contribute to a certain darkness that we will play with next season.”

Thoughts on Mrs. DiLaurentis’ return to Rosewood next season?

  • Sophia G

    I think Ali was hiding something big and mrs Dilaurentis hit Ali because it was so bad.