Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 “Who’s in the Box?” Spoilers: Ezra Teaches About Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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December 18, 2013


It’s been alluded (now that we know he’s part of the ‘A’ team) that Ezra could be pulling a major Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde on the girls – especially on Aria. Well, now he’s doing more than just acting the part.

According to a spoiler from TV Guide, he’s going to also be teaching about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the mid-season premiere, “Who’s in the Box?”

Ezra is acting extra-creepy now that we know he’s probably “A.” For example, he’s very tellingly teaching his students about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Meanwhile, when the girls focus on who’s in the grave (since Ali isn’t) they’re led to a story eerily similar to their own.

Are you ready for even more creep from Ezra, and what do you think the girls are going to find while exploring who might be in Ali’s grave?