Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 “Who’s In The Box?” Promo

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October 23, 2013

Pretty Little Liars returns in January with all new episodes! Check out the teaser for the winter premiere, season 4 Episode 14 “Who’s In The Box?” below.

  • Collins, N

    Who is the eyes that where looking through the poster when the girls found A’s head Quarters? you know the poster on the wall. Some one was looking through it. The light eyes? There is a person that we dont know that is still lingering around. Who is light eyes? Yeah Erza Is A? Just like Toby and Mona was for a little while? Is Erza Just a distracting A? Is Erza working with someone? Is light eyes the one in Charge? Also what happend to mona, cece, wren, Melissa and Shawna? They show shawna handing mona a piece of paper at some house, and then show toby following shawna leaving in jenna car? Toby followers her, and thats all they showed. They left us in the dust with what happen? And who is light eyes? all we know is, A…….. left a threat on mona’s life? Ali is afarid of Erza. Ezra plays a deep crazy part being The supposely A. But who is poster eyes?