Pretty Little Liars Season 3B Spoilers: Is Nate Really Maya’s Killer? Will There Be More Haleb?

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September 3, 2012

Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King confirmed to TV Guide that Nate (a.k.a Lyndon James and not Maya’s cousin) is definitely Maya’s killer, in case any of us were starting to create some ‘A’ conspiracy theories there. Marlene also assures us that he’s “definitely dead”, which kind of cancels out any other theories including him shooting Caleb.

So…will we find out who did shoot Caleb? According to Marlene King, they’re still talking about it in the writer’s room, but writer/executive producer Oliver Goldstick gives us a little more hope.

“That will be answered, and will come out pretty quickly.”

And what about Hanna and Caleb? Since ‘A’ has been “watching them all along, anyway” as Oliver puts it, will we now get to see more Haleb action or will they still be keeping it quiet that they’re seeing each other?

“More so, yes. We will address some of the questions you’re asking about ‘Haleb’, whether they’re under the radar or above the radar….”

With Nate/Lyndon dead, will Jenna continue to stay under the radar too? Because it sure seemed, now that we know what we know, that Jenna left town because of Nate.

“As far as Jenna goes, she had to leave town for her own safety. I’m not saying that’s the end of Jenna and you’ll never see her again, but she’s leaving for a bit…. [Nate] realized that the only person who saw him leaving that backyard was the blind girl, so he thought he had a pass. And when he finds out that Jenna had been able to see, that scares the s–t out of him. If Jenna had stayed in town, Nate may have gone after her…. The idea was that he felt exposed.”

Don’t forget, it was Jenna who had mysteriously warned Emily about Nate – though at the time, we had assumed because of Spencer’s accusations that she was referring to Paige.

Who do you think shot Caleb?

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