Pretty Little Liars Season 3B Spoilers: Does “A” Still See Emily as the Weakest Liar Link?

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October 4, 2012

“A” made it pretty clear in the last couple seasons that he/she (or maybe they) was targeting Emily (Shay Mitchell) as the “weakest link” of the Liars – but is that still the case since you know, Emily killed “Nate” in the season 3 mid-season finale? It was in self-defense, but still. The “new Emily” is kind of bad-ass.

In response to a fan on Twitter, PLL writer, Joseph Dougherty said:

“Oh, I think ‘A’ has another opinion of Em now.”

Ye-ah. Go, Em! But wait, does this mean that “A” will move on to another Liar target in the remaining half of season 3? There’s no telling, but head to the comments to voice your thoughts and share your theories!

There will be some interesting stuff coming up for Emily though, including possible scenes with Jason (Drew Van Acker)? Shay and Drew have been seen together on the PLL set a couple of times, and it sounds like the two could be filming scenes together, based on these photos tweeted by PLL writer, Lijah Barasz and Shay Mitchell herself:

“Shay and Drew on the set of #PLL Ep. 318″

“Long day on set with @_Drew_Van_Acker … that last scene wiped us outttttt…”

Shay doesn’t exactly say that Emily and Jason have scenes together…but Lijah’s tweet sure suggests that they do! Episode 18 of season 3 is called, “Dead to Me”, think this gives us any clues?

Wetpaint Entertainment speculates about Lijah’s photo, saying that Shay and Drew could be filming some kind of funeral scene. This is the only clue Lijah gives us, via Twitter:

“Shooting my favorite scene of the episode. Shay Mitchell is giving me chills. #PLL #318″

Hmm…. Whether it involves Jason (Drew Van Acker) or not, what “chilling” Emily scene do you think we can expect from season 3 episode 18?