Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: With "A" Resolved, What's the Next Mystery?

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Spoilers: With "A" Resolved, What's the Next Mystery?

It's no secret anymore that [SPOILER ALERT] Mona Vanderwaal is the one who's been torturing our Liar girls these past two seasons. Yep, Mona may have turned out to be "A", but does that mean the mystery is solved? Far from it. Especially since Mona was quick to mention this new concept of an "'A' team" to Spencer in last night's finale.

We've heard spoilers about season 3 taking off with a whole new mystery in mind - and our only hint thus far has been to say that the whole "A" mystery, and the mystery surrounding Alison's death, may or may not be related. So where does that leave the beginning of season 3? Showrunner Marlene King shared what we can expect from Pretty Little Liars when they return with new episodes in the summer:

"We do have a time jump and during that time jump the girls don't receive any "A" texts. They receive silly joke texts, but the next few months there is no sign of "A" and they believe that "A" is Mona, [who] is locked away. The premiere episode is called "It Happened That Night," and there's an incident that happens in the teaser of the episode where the girls make a decision that was of poor judgment. That night becomes the new Jenna thing and we go from there."

And what will happen to the old "Jenna thing"? Marlene tells us that, as far as the girls finding out the truth about Jenna's sight, they're "going to keep that a secret from the PLLs for a while." Along with a "new Jenna thing", we should prepare for a "new villain out there", who Marlene says is "equally as threatening, and similar but different".

And as far as what you were thinking about the cliffhanger teaser at the end of "unmAsked"...:

“Red is the new black. I think that’s the best way to say it: Red is the new black.”

Which must mean that we can look forward to a lot more red at the end of future PLL episodes. C'mon, you were thinking it.

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